Metal Utility Pole Tags

Ceramic001IMEC Media’s Utility Pole Tags are made from anodized aluminium and have been used for outdoor labelling for over 25 years. Our Utility Barcode Pole Tags have been used in conjunction with GIS mapping initiatives, and automated pole maintenance programs. This tag is also made from 100%  3 mil anodized aluminium, with a 5.0mil application adhesive. The graphics are sealed into the anodized layer creating a remarkably durable asset tag. By sealing the image below the surface of the barcode label, our labels create an impenetrable barrier to water, dirt, chemicals, sunlight solvents and temperatures up to 343° C. Teflon® treatments are added for applications that require resistance to paint. All of our labels have a 30-year life outdoors.


IMEC Media’s metal labels are also used for dating and inspection tags, pole treatment type and date tags, pole SS Etch001jurisdiction tags and “Do Not Climb” markers. Our tags can incorporate both the utility name and logo. Unlike the poor graphic quality of embossed tags, our pole markers are made with a photographic process, which allows us to incorporate highly readable logos and bar codes.