Metal Utility Meter Badges


Utility Meter Badges have been used for decades to track rework/refurbish history, reduce meter to ERT calibration time, eliminate transposition errors caused by manual processes, improve meter tractability and improve meter and ERT inventory control and traceability.This tag is also made from 100%  3 mil anodized aluminium, with a 5.0mil application adhesive.

The graphics are sealed into the anodized layer creating a remarkably durable tag. By sealing the image below the surface of the barcode label, our labels create an impenetrable barrier to water, dirt, chemicals, sunlight solvents and temperatures up to 343° C. Teflon® treatments are added for applications that require resistance to paint.

Our Utility Meter Tags stand up to constant outdoor exposure and remain readable for the life of your asset, resist scuffing and abrasion, and have a 30 year life outdoors.