Tamper Evident Polyester Labels


Tamper-Evident Polyester Asset Labels mean that if someone tries to remove the tag, the word “VOID” is left behind on the surface of your assets and the back of the tags to prevent tampering and to protect against unauthorized transfer.

This asset tag works well on indoor and outdoor assets when it’s important to identify when the tag has been tampered with. If removed from its mating surface, a permanent void pattern is left in the tag. The over laminate protects the image from scuffing and mild chemicals. Service range is -40°C to +150°C (but, the void pattern feature becomes permanently non-functional after exposure to +40°C). Minimum application temperature is +10°C. Storage stability is up to two years stored at +21°C.

Face stock of our Tamper-Evident Polyester Asset Labels are 1.4 mil void polyester, over-laminated with a 1.0 polyester film, and a 1.0 mil pressure sensitive adhesive.