Shelf Edge Label Holder – Self Adhesive

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Shelf Edge Label Holder   

You will find adhesive shelf edge label holder in a massive range of industries and environments, they provide a highly flexible identification solution for product, pricing and scanning. Shelf Edge Label holder specifications include a tough extruded PVC plastic with a base hinge and roof for easy insertion and to prevent dirt ingression within the label holder.

The 26 mm measurement is the insert height. The shelf edge label holder itself is approx 29 mm tall and suits a 30 mm shelf edge perfectly.

Standard short label holder lengths are 100 mm and 200 mm long but can be made to a specific size or cut to order if a volume of under 200 is immediately required.

Longer label holders for industrial storage shelving are 860 mm 940 mm. This is due to the exposed front edge of the shelf usually being under 1000 mm wide although that is the specified width of the shelf. Please measure your shelf edge prior to ordering your label holders.

Standard long holders are 1000 mm and can be used for small parts and long span shelving, retail or manufacturing solutions. A 9 mm strong adhesive strip securely fixes the label holder to the shelf edge and prevents dislodgement.

An Individual label holder can be cut to size with scissors if required

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